Dust extracted pine shavings for the discerning horse owner and livery yard

StableBed is the best quality wood shaving you can buy. It is a quality wood shaving bedding for horses, made from dust extracted pine wood shavings; ideal for making a soft, hygienic bed for your horse.

Horse Bedding Direct

StableBed is supplied in pallet quantities deliverd to your premises, direct from our milling and wood processing facilities in Epping, Essex.

Tel: 0800 035 6498

Email: stablebed@hoppings.co.uk

Why StableBed

- StableBed shavings are made from Scots Pine timber which is natu-rally antiseptic in nature due to naturally occurring compounds pre-sent in the timber (sylvestrin).

- StableBed shavings are naturally deodorising because they are made from pine that has the distinctive resinous fragrance often re-created by manufacturers of cleaning and de-odourising agents.

- StableBed is 100% natural and pure. The vast majority of softwood that makes these shavings is from Scandinavian countries and of the highest quality. They are pure pine shavings, so unlike some products not mixed with any other type of horse bedding material.

- StableBed shavings are premium quality pure pine wood shavings, branded as best quality. They are the choice of the discerning horse owner and livery yard.

- StableBed is dust extracted to minimise the risk of respiratory problems in stabled horses, so don't add dust to your stables environment by choosing an inferior horse bedding product. Your horse deserves StableBed.

- StableBed shavings are soft and light, so you won't find a more com-fortable and fluffy wood shaving on the market.

- StableBed shavings are highly absorbent because they are of a low moisture content meaning more wood fibre by volume compared to other wood shaving bedding products. The cells of the wood fibre natu-rally attract moisture so the lower their water content the more effec-tive the bedding will be at absorbing waste fluid.

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