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The Environmental Credentials of Q-LineŽ

Q-LineŽ solid softwood profiles are manufactured by Hoppings Softwood Products who are signatories to the Timber Trade Federations Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP). The RPP is a management system, which assesses suppliers for evidence of the legality and sustainability of supply and encourages them to improve. Hoppings Softwood Products decisions are influenced by the information they obtain from suppliers relating to their environmental practices and the areas from which their raw materials are sourced.

In addition they are a participant in the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification's (PEFC) chain of custody schemes and are able to supply Q-LineŽ softwood mouldings and Q-Line® MDF moulding products as FSC & or PEFC certified on request.

Hoppings Softwood Products are also members of Wood for Good and are in full support of its activities, promoting sustainable forest management.


Hopping's commitment to the environment

Respect for the environment is an essential part of HSP's business. They are committed to an environmental purchasing policy, which commits them to exclude from production any material which is:

  • Harvested from any area where traditional or civil rights are violated;
  • Harvested from uncertified forest having high conservation value where management poses a threat to the high conservation values present;
  • Harvested from genetically modified trees;
  • Illegally harvested.
Q-line end grain product marking

This policy is overseen and independently certified by B.M. Trada certification.