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Products - Decking

Q-Deck® decking or deckboards are available in four standard timber profiles, two anti-slip resistant timber profiles known as Q-Grip® and a composite profile in a range of colours known as Q-Deck Twinson.

For full details of Hoppings range of deckboards, including our grading rules, warranty details and slip resistance test results please download our deckboard guide to the right >>

Q-Deck Deckboard

Cambridge Grooved

Cambridge Smooth

Canterbury Grooved


Canterbury Smooth

Winchester Grooved


Winchester Reeded

York Grooved

York Smooth

Cambridge style – 25 x 100mm, Dual sided, one smooth face and one reeded.


Canterbury style - 32 x 150mm Dual sided, one smooth face and one grooved.


Winchester style - 32 x 150mm Dual sided, one grooved face and one reeded, protruding.


York style - 38 x 125mm Dual sided, one smooth face and one grooved.

Note: In order to market consistently high quality Q-Deck decking we have to import a wide range of lengths. Unfortunately we cannot therefore guarantee particular lengths. As a general rule we can supply lengths within 0.6m of your requirement.

Q-Grip Anti-slip Resistant Deckboards

Q-Grip Canterbury

Q-Grip slip resistant Canterbury– 32 x 150mm,

Q-Grip York

Q-Grip slip resistant York - 38 x 125mm,

NB: Q-Grip lengths on application. Precision pre-cut lengths available.

Q-Deck® Twinson® Composite decking is available as one standard profile in two colour shades ex-stock, apricot brown and olive green. Two other colour shades are available to order at short notice, riverstone grey and bark brown. Furthermore there are four European colour shades available on application, liquorice black, turf brown, almond beige and hazelnut brown.

Apricot Brown Grooved

Apricot Brown Reeded

Twinson apricot brown – Dual sided, one grooved and one reeded face.

Olive Green Grooved

Olive Green Reeded

Twinson olive green – Dual sided, one grooved and one reeded face.

Riverstone Grey Grooved

Riverstone Grey Reeded

Twinson riverstone grey – Dual sided, one grooved and one reeded face.

Bark Brown Grooved

Bark Brown Reeded

Twinson bark brown – Dual sided, one grooved and one reeded face.

  • Stock lengths 4.5m. 6.0m lengths available to order.

  • Easy to process and cut using conventional woodworking tools.

  • 25 year warranty.

  • Concealed fixing system. For further details please download our deckboard guide above right.

  • Free from splitting and distortion.

  • Easy to keep clean. Less prone to algae growth – less slippery in wet conditions.

  • Highly water resistant and durable.

  • Low maintenance.

  • The wood element (wood flour) is from recycled PEFC certified softwood.



Download Decking Guide >>





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